Customized Facials

We offer three (4) types manual facials to meet your skincare goals. Each one utilizes a different strength of skincare products and exfoliation. You may also upgrade any facial with different options ranging from additional massages, hydrojelly masks and dermaplaning. 

Rejuvenation Custom Facial (60 min)

If you're a person-on-the-go, this facial is for you!. This includes a double-cleanse, exfoliating dermaplane, serum and moisturizer! The skin instantly has a healthier glow and feels amazingly soft, plus makeup glides on effortlessly for a flawless finish. This is a must have procedure before an important social event or television appearance.

Rejuvenation Custom Facial (60 min)

This 60 minute facial is the best of both worlds- medical grade skincare and the most relaxing customized facial! Allow your skincare specialist to completely customize this to your unique skin concerns. Your skin will instantly thank you for its new glow, and don't be surprised if you fall asleep! This is a must-have procedure before an important social event or television appearance.

Deep Cleanse Facial (60 min) 

Your skincare specialist will listen to your precise skin concerns and choose a treatment protocol for you. This facial will be customized for acne-prone skin, anti-aging, dullness or multiple concerns. It includes a double-cleanse, an enzyme peel, extractions, a sculpting facial massage and all of our favorite serums. This facial is your next step to the skin of your dreams!

Advanced Custom Facial (60 min)

This is our most advanced, results-driven facial. After addressing your skin concerns, your skincare specialist will develop a customized plan for you to get to the new skin you've always wanted! This includes a cleanser, dermaplane, toner, Skinceuticals Gel Peel for chemical exfoliation, a soothing mask, and serums will treat your skin's specific needs. This customizable facial works best to find the best at-home skincare regimen for you!

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