We have been offering leading techniques in Microblading and Permanent Makeup in Pittsburgh since 2015. Our technicians have trained all over the country with the best artists and brands and continue education frequently. 

For Your Eyebrows

  • Microblading - the most natural, soft brow procedure to mimic hair strokes
  • Combo Brows - a combination of manual microblading and tattoo machine shading
  • Powder Brows - tattoo machine shading only to resemble a soft, powder makeup
  • Nano Brows - airy, soft hairstokes created only by a tattoo machine
  • Tattoo Remoov 88 - a non-invasive microblading removal procedure that can fully remove or tone down your unwanted brow pigment

For Your Lips 

  • Lip Blushing - a technique that uses a tattoo machine to provide long-lasting lip color so you can toss on a gloss or chapstick and go!
  • Lip Neutralization - a technique that uses a tattoo machine to implant a neutralizing color to uneven lip tones

For Your Eyes

  • Solid Design Eyeliner - a permanent makeup enhancement that includes a solid color to the lash line, it may include a wing or not 
  • Stardust Eyeliner - a permanent makeup technique that includes a solid design lash line and a soft, pixelated look to resemble a subtle eyeshadow
  • Bottom Eyeliner - eyeliner for just the bottom lash line 

For Your Face 

  • Faux Freckles - to resemble a youthful, playful look
  • Beauty Mark - popular placements include cheek, chin, and lip area

Coming Soon! 

  • Areola Tattoo - a cosmetic procedure that is done on the area of the breast or chest where the areola is found. An areola tattoo essentially creates a new nipple, and there is one particularly powerful reason the procedure is done: to help breast cancer survivors be comfortable in their bodies post-surgery.