Preparing for Your Brow Permanent Makeup Appointment

Permanent Makeup for brows include an array of techniques inlcuding Microblading, Combo Brows, Powder Brows and Nano Brows. Your brow specialist will choose the technique that is best suited for you after an in-person consultation based on your skin type, lifestyle, and skin texture. If you have already had permanent makeup, please consult with our specialists to make sure you are a candidate for Permanent Brows. We do not guarantee work on top of previous permanent makeup but we can assist you with correction, removal or camoflauge with years of experience. 

Our goal is to make sure we provide the most natural results. We do try to steer clear of "trendy" brows styles so that your permanent makeup remains timeless for years to come. We will map your facial structure along with your brows to provide a new brow look that works just for YOU!


  • Natural, long-lasting results
  • Creates brow shape that helps over plucking and waxing the wrong areas
  • Save money & time on your daily makeup routine
  • Minimal upkeep every few years
  • Waterproof and sweat-proof brows!
  • Effective and sage
  • There's a technique suited for all ages and skin types


Aftercare for Your Permanent Brow Treatment:

  • For the first 14 days, gently wash the area with the aftercare soap provided to you at your initial session
  • After rinsing the aftercare soap off, pat the area dry with a clean cotton round and apply a thin layer of aftercare balm with a cotton swab
  • Avoid heavy exercise and sweating for the first 14 days. Heavy sweating can prematurely push out the pigment.
  • Do not use tanning beds, saunas or submerge brows in water for the first 14 days. When outside, wear a large hat to keep the area out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not use skincare products with active ingredients including but not limiited to retinol, vitamin C, salicylic acid, glycolic and lactic acid. 
  • Do not use any facial cleansers, products, SPF or makeup in the brow area for the first 14 days.
  • Do not rub, touch, pick or scratch your brows. If the area is itchy, gently tap the area to relieve the itch. Let the scabs fall off naturally!
  • Be mindful of sleeping on your face and change your pillowcase to avoid infection.

The Healing Process for Permanent Brows

  • The first few days of healing will feel extra dark as the pigment oxides on the skin's surface and scabs form on top of the brows
  • Between days 5-7 you will experience flakiness from the scabs falling 
  • Days 8-14 you will experience lightness in color as your new skin seals in the pigment
  • Your permanent brows will take their final shape and color between 4-6 weeks after your session
  • A touch up is required as the final part of your permanent brows 4-8 weeks after your initial session. This appointment will perfect the shape and color and any other adjustments that are needed. This is not included in your initial session price.
  • Everyone heals differently, and may need a different permanent makeup technique to achieve your goals. Don't compare your journey to others!
  • After your 14 day healing period, it is important to maintain the hair outside of your new brows by waxing, threading or tweezing in between your yearly color boost appointments.