Kelley Baker Brows

Fab Four Brow Kit


Kelley Baker Fan Favorite, with a twist! Kelley’s Fab 4 is available in a Special Edition, chic compact pallet with two brow powder shades instead of one.

Two shade options all in one convenient-to-use eyebrow kit lets you choose your brow style, whether you’re going for a soft, natural brow or a bolder look.

Whether you have thin brows that need to be filled in or full brows that need a little defining, these 4 brow essentials are simple to use and are perfect for that brow look you want to achieve.

Fab Four Kit Includes

  • Brow Powder Duo
  • Camo-Light® Highlighter Pencil
  • Angle Spooly Brush
  • Highlighter Smudge Brush

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