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Brow and Lash Rehab - 100% Natural Cold Pressed Castor Oil

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Our 100% natural castor oil is cold pressed rich in fatty acids. Perfectly rebuilds hair structure, giving softness and shine. When used regularly, the oil also improves hydration and growth of hair roots at the base. Also recommended for brittle and failing eyebrows and eyelashes.


Apply a small amount of oil (2-3 drops) on disposable mascara wand. Then gently brush eyelashes and eyebrows.

According to the preferences apply a small amount of oil and rub evenly.

  1. Rub the entire hair and leave overnight

  2. Rub at the base of the hair for root growth

  3. Rub the ends of the hair to avoid hair division and dryness.

  4. Repeat once a week, depending on the condition of your hair.

Rinse with plenty of water.

Apply a small amount of oil on hands and nails, rub intensively.
Use a nailbrush to massage nails and cuticles.

WARNING: Preparation can cause eye irritation. In case of irritation, rinse immediately with plenty of water for a few minutes and seek medical advice immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis Seed Oil

  • 10ml

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