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All Satin Hair Wraps

$42 $60

Muaves All Satin Hair Wrap is a revolutionary hair care product that works to naturally condition your locks to promote growth, boost thickness, extend shine and reduce frizz. Chic enough to wear anytime of the day, our hair wraps provide a secure layer between your hair and every day environmental stressors including UV rays, dry air, and humidity. Luxurious satin inside and out, it provides a protective layer between your hair and abrasive sheets at night, preventing split ends and eliminating bed head. Wake up with beautiful, healthy looking locks every morning!

- Naturally conditions locks all day
- Promotes growth, thickness and shine
- Reduces frizz + friction
- Protects hair from UV rays, dry air, and humidity
- Extends time between washes
- Maintains hairstyles overnight
- Prevents damage to hair cuticles and eliminates bedhead
- Keeps extensions protected
- Balance oily roots + dry ends


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