Billion Dollar Brows

The Billion Dollar Brow Butter Pomade Kit


Our Brow Butter Pomade gives you the ability to shape and define your brows while creating a look that’s natural and lasts a long time. Brow pomade is a great way to dip your toes in the water of brow cosmetics because it’s so forgiving.

The Secret to Beautiful Brows

Our formula is made to be buttery smooth and never dry out. With the Billion Dollar Brows pomade, you can use one of our angled brushes to easily apply the creamy makeup with the same precision as you’d get from a pencil. Then, use the other end of the brush to smooth out your brows for a more natural look. The spoolie on the end of the brush makes it easy so you won’t have to worry about using two separate tools!

Commitment to Excellence

At Billion Dollar Brows, we work to provide you with the best brow experience possible. We help everyone from beginners to professionals get the brow looks they love. Our professionally-formulated brow butter gives you a chance to try something new and exciting with your eyebrows. As an added bonus, we focus on making all our products cruelty-free and have many products that are vegan!


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