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Quick Dry Hair Wraps

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The secret to beautiful hair? It's all about how you dry it!

Muaves Quick Dry Hair Wraps are designed to improve the health of your hair by limiting damage from both heat drying and towel drying. Our Quick Dry Hair Wraps are lined with premium microfiber that wicks away moisture quickly while protecting hair against cuticle damage from rubbing during towel-drying. The lightweight design is the easiest way to dry your hair without pulling or stressing your follicles.

Say goodbye to heavy towels with our hands free button/loop closure design that allows you to multi-task while your hair dries in style.

Wear your Muaves Quick Dry Microfiber Hair Wrap right after you wash your hair and before combing your hair to get your hair to a damp state. Finish with a blow dryer for styling or air dry.

- Limits damage from heat drying
- Removes excess water quickly 
- Eliminates need to rub hair to dry, preventing damage to hair cuticles
- Prevents frizz + friction
- Dual purpose
- Promotes growth, thickness and shine
- Reduces frizz + friction
- Keeps extensions protected 



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