What To Expect: SkinPen Microneedling

As the very first FDA-cleared microneedling device, SkinPen is trusted by leading dermatologists, aestheticians, and other skincare professionals. Three steps in as little as thirty minutes targets facial acne scars and neck wrinkles, for smoother, more radiant, younger-looking skin.

SkinPen creates thousands of “micro” skin punctures per second to stimulate the skin’s natural wound healing process – inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling – to prompt tissue remodeling without causing scar tissue formation. Most patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours.

Benefits of SkinPen Microneedling: 

  • Treats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces scarring
  • Reduces unwanted pigmentation
  • Reduces thread veins
  • Improves pore visibility
  • Smoother skin
  • Anti-Aging without using chemicals
  • Little to no downtime
  • FDA Cleared and clinically tested
  • Can be used anywhere on the body

What to Expect after your SkinPen Treatment:

  • You may experience temporary redness, bruising and swelling in the treated area for 1-4 weeks depending on treatment parameters
  • You can apply icepacks as needed to soothe the skin after your treatment
  • 3-6 sessions are generally required for clinical results 
  • This treatment can be used anytime of year for optimal skin health and glow

Aftercare for SkinPen Microneedling:

  • Use gentle, fragrance-free cleansers after your treatment
  • After your treatment, wear SPF 30+ daily to protect your skin
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water

Do Not:

  • Wear makeup for the first 24 hours after treatment
  • Drink alcohol for the first 24 hours after treatment
  • Exercise for the first 24 hours after treatment
  • Rub or touching the treated area
  • Pick any scabs that may arise during your healing process
  • Expose your treated area to direct sun light, tanning beds or heat inducing areas for 2 weeks after your treatment
  • Apply heat to the area or take a hot shower after your treatment
  • Take pain-relievers, fever-reducers or blood-thinning medications prior to treatment. If prescribed, ask your physician about clearance prior to treatment